How To Business Without Money Simple Financial Planning

How To Do Business Without Money but by Simple Financial Planning.

They know how successful they can become, considering they use their skills in the right manner and hence. They both have a dream of starting up their own company after gaining—an experience by the age of 48 means in the next 20 years.

Which I must say is an efficient expectation within these years. They can learn so much by working and growing up in the corporate ladder. But there is one problem that both of these young champions are facing by the time they start their firm.

So a regular and recurring income from investments may help, and they can focus on their business. Kabir was very serious about his plans. And because Kabir was severe, his friend avi also used to say that he wants to start his firm like Kabir and Seemed less serious about his goals.

But friends as we all know that only big talks and no action lead to no results and when we are Serious about our goals. We should also be ready to sacrifice a bit.

So one day, while on a dinner date, Kabir Discussed this matter with Naina, his close friend, and there is a saying that behind every successful man. There is a woman and behind every successful man. There are the right woman and Naina.

Was that right woman who always wanted Kabir to succeed?

That’s when Naina advised Kabir instead of randomly investing in any financial. Product with high commission and low returns and without knowing how much money will need for his future. He must first get a proper business plan in place as Failing to plan planning to fail Kabir took Nana’s advice.

Seriously, and he was impressed with Nana’s thought process, and that’s when Kabir decided to speak to a certified financial planner. And he also advised his friend avi to do the same. But are we told Kabir why consult a financial planner when neighbor works as an agent with various insurance?

Companies and gives free advice so friends.

Financial products now we being a layman and a software engineer did not understand too much but going by the fancy name. His neighbor had mentioned in his business card decided to trust his neighbor and purchased a few policies.

And nana spoke to the financial planner, and Kabir shared his goals with the certified financial. Planner and since we were Kabir’s best friend.he was invited by Kabir, who listened to the Wherein his neighbor gave him a free insurance plan and the very first question.

That the financial planner asked Kabir was how much of an emergency fund do you have? Accumulate an emergency fund so in case of job loss or any other.

Income, fifty thousand rupees per month, replied Kabir. That’s when the planner told him Assuming you will have responsibilities at age 48.

And of course, the inflation will be there post your age forty-eight as well.

Logically – Kabir Naina and avi planner advised Kabir that by the age of 48 in the next 20 years.

Kabir is young, and he does not have much of Juan’s abilities, and he is not married yet.

Investing 15 thousand rupees per month and increase this investment of 15,000 rupees.

Lakh 30 thousand rupees per month looking at this calculation, Kabir was quite impressed and thanked.

If he stops paying the premium are we thanked his friends Nana and Kabir too so friends.

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