Hermitcraft 7-Episode 30 BIG ARMOUR UPGRADES

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 30 – BIG ARMOUR UPGRADES the 1.16 Minecraft update has hit hermit craft, and grian is getting nephrite armor and shows how to get nephrite and the quickest way to mine it.

The nether update is here We are officially in 1.16 I can’t zoom, going to have to do the poor man zoom there we go that’s the best.

I could do it is 1.16time, and we are heading to the nether so much is now possible with 1.16, and I even got some of the stuff together to do some crafting and show you.

when they’reput out that’s interesting, but this means some slight decoration differences are going to have to make for example we’ll get rid of these which fit we’ll hang a couple of torches.

We will then hang a couple of Sollanterns, and all of a sudden, my mansion just got ten times spookier if that makes such a huge difference, we need to get rid of that every time.

We go now all I have to do to replace them all over the mansion, and this will fit in perfectly and also while I was between episodes.

I did quite a substantial amount of work over here, tidying up the hole that I started and did time-lapse this very quickly, so let’s show what that looked like I did have to use a lot of TNT again.

I have a new plan for the only issue is yeah mining out a lot of blocks takes a considerable amount of time to think I’ll have to come back to this a little later on, and it might be next episode that we managed to install our nether portal but for now.

 What we’re going to do is head straight over to the shopping district because it is vote time, and it is the last day.

Grumbachbetter has something to tell us that going to save us because mambos are not doing too well in the polls.

I somehow forgot that this was the nether update. There’s no nether portal or nether hub or anything here oh my goodness this is squelchy Piggy’smustaches on the back wait until he turns around how has he not seen me.

Still, I just realized I don’t there’s no harbor at all you know what it might be quicker if we only fly in the overworld let’s hop over now and see if we can meet mumbo and sort out what’s going on with grumble eye.

Thank you so much for Watching This Video. I hope you guys this channel watch and subscribe. See you in the next video. Have a beautiful day.

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