iOS 14 Beta 1 is Out! – What’s New?

Aaron here for ZolloTech and iOS 14 has finally been released to developers. It’s available.


If you’re a developer, and it will be a little bit later if you’re a public beta tester. Now the great news is this will be available for everything from the iPhone.SE as I have here.

it’s available for the iPhones the iPhone 6S 6S plus, and newer Apple kept iOS 14 compatible with all iOS 13 compatible devices, including the iPads as well.

And so the iPads have a bunch of other features as well. I’ll cover in a separate video, but just know that they’ve updated everything. And you’ll still be able to use it.

If you have an older device when it comes out in the fall or September, October timeframe, now, this came in at 3.26gigabytes on my iPhone 11 pro max.

It’s about the same size on all of these devices, depending on which one you’re using. But expect it to be anywhere from three to four and a half gigabytes depending on the device.

And depending on which one you’re installing. If you’re coming from an older beta or a public release, it may vary in size.

Now let’s take a look at the build number. The build number is 18A. And this particular update gives us so much that we’ve wanted for a very long time.

And the first thing you may already notice is I have a large widget here for the weather. if I press and hold on this, I can edit the widget, and you’ll see
it just spins around and lets me select options for it.

But if we go over to our widgets here, let’s press and hold. We’ll keep holding, and let’s add a widget. Maybe we want a widget for shortcuts. So we’ll press shortcuts.

And how do we want to add the widget to our home screen? We want to on this site or this site, I’ll pick this one, and you’ll see we have our widget.

And then if I press and hold, I can drag it over to the home screen. I can get rid of it if I want, and everything goes back, and we have different options as well.

We finally have the way to way to edit that. Also, if we keep scrolling over to the right, we now have an app library where it categorizes
everything based on what it is.

Thank you so much for Watching This Video. I hope you guys this channel watch and subscribe. See you in the next video. Have a nice day.

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